The Great Bunch is pleased to be able to sell more products to our happy customers on this site.

We’ve had a lot of products in our shop for a while, but have struggled to get the shop and the website to match. We’ve now been able to add most of our products we sell in the shop into the website, so now you can buy either on here or by coming and visiting us in our shop.

We are also in the process of developing new floral arrangements that better suit the needs of our customers, so watch this space (or rather the space on the front page).

We will also be adding more products as they come in.

To sweeten the deal, we’re offering a promotion for the 19th to 25th of April, enter the code AWESOMESITE to receive 10% off your purchase price*.

Terms for discount: discount is off purchase price of products. Any delivery fees will be their normal cost. The Great Bunch reserves the right to remove this discount at any time (already purchased items will not be affected by removal).

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